Friday, September 29, 2006

From Barry Dock to Galactic North

Watch out for Galactic North the upcoming new book by Welsh sci-fi author Alastair Reynolds. It's a collection of stories set in the Revelation Space universe - that noirish and gothic place featured in his excellent and highly successful novels Revelation Space, Chasm City, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap.

Stories in this collection include: Galactic North, Great Wall of Mars, Glacial, A Spy in Europa, Dilation Sleep, Grafenwalder's Bestiary, Weather and Nightingale. The icing on this mouthwatering slice of space cake is an afterword by the author himself in which he discusses his influences and approach to writing.

Alastair, originally from Barry, is the most successful sci-fi writer to come out of Wales, ever. Although he now lives in Holland the industrial landscapes of South Wales (particularly Barry Docks; the steam train graveyard at Barry; and Port Talbot steelworks) have seeped into his writing and contribute to the dark aesthetic of his novels.

Galactic North is published by Orion.