Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dalek Nation

My collection of other people's birth certificates seems to be getting out of hand. Only yesterday I picked up Dalek-creator Terry Nation's for a mere £7 (see pic detail). Whovians will be intrigued to learn that Nation's dad was an upholsterer. Maybe that's why Daleks have castors.

Daleks were essentially born out of Nation's childhood fear of the Nazis. From his parents' house in Fairwater Grove West in Llandaff he heard the Luftwaffe regularly bombing Cardiff docks. A stray bomb even destroyed part of nearby Llandaff Cathedral.

Nation came up with the Dalek concept back in 1963. More recently his 'tinpot Nazis' have returned to our screens in Russell T Davies' enjoyable Dr Who revamp. A whole new generation of frightened kids have been sent scurrying behind their sofas for safety. Another upholstery link for you there.

Terry Nation died in Los Angeles in 1997.