Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fuck Off

In January 1982 Ian Bone published Fuck Off, his 'fanatical magazine for Wales'. Aimed at 'Welsh arsonists, anarchists, mutants, republicans, punks, prostitutes, rioters, hippies,' it was a conscious attempt to draw together some of Wales' more exotic non-conformist elements.

This is how Ian described it to me in an email:

"I have a residual affection for Fuck Off among the glittering pantheon of mags I've produced. At the time I was in touch with the hippie Mutants from west Wales, the Welsh Republicans, and a lot of the Class Whores who were originally from Swansea... so a mag bringing them all together seemed natural. Issue 2 - never produced - was to have a big feature on the Silent Twins (June and Jennifer Gibbons) who petrol-bombed their way around Haverfordwest.

It was also great reading Fuck Off on the Tube where you could be reading the back page and hold a big 'fuck off' up to the person opposite."

*Special thanks to Ian for the additional background information on Fuck Off and for allowing me to use the above magazine cover. Cheers!