Monday, February 19, 2007

The Seven Sleepers Den

One of the albums of last year, said the helpful girl in Spillers Records, which for my money is better than a five star review in Mojo.

And she's right too of course. Released without fanfare last May Richard James' solo debut proved to be a quiet triumph, an understated gem that nevertheless acquired a word of mouth following.

Eschewing meretricious gimmickry for the traditional virtues of fine musicianship and quality song-writing James' The Seven Sleepers Den never dips below absolutely lovely on the lovely-o-meter.

From the melodious My Heart's on Fire to the cathartic Wanna See You Die all emotional bases are covered. It's a slow burner but trust me, this insidious beast will eventually worm its way into your bones.

The people at My Kung Fu are fellow travellers. They'll be re-releasing The Seven Sleepers Den on March 5. So, if you missed it first time around here's the perfect opportunity to redeem your sorry selves.