Friday, March 09, 2007

David Sullivan's Old House

I was over in Penarth today and couldn't resist having a look at David Sullivan's old house. He has often waxed lyrical about his childhood in St David's Crescent and the sense of community he felt growing up there.

When his parents moved into the Crescent back in the 1950s their house was part of a new estate. Sullivan remembers well the games of football played with dozens of local kids; and fighting with ragamuffins from other areas.

Nowadays he lives in a huge mansion in Essex. Often ridiculed for his supposed bad taste you get the feeling there is more than a little establishment snobbery directed towards the Penarth pornographer.

To give him his due Sullivan has done a pretty impressive job in challenging Britain's often bizarre censorship laws. OK, his stand has been for entirely selfish financial reasons but still, he has shown genuine guts in his battles against the forces of puritanism.

I'm sure the so called "Sultan of Sleaze" would be pleased to learn that St David's Crescent remains a close-knit community. As I photographed his old house today one concerned neighbour asked what I was up to. We look out for each other around here, he said. Quite right too sir.