Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Second Aeon

It was from this humble Llandaff North premises in 1966 that Peter Finch launched second aeon a poetry magazine that would acquire an international reputation. During its existence it featured contributions from Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, Iain Sinclair and Paul Auster amongst many others.

I have to admit to being fascinated (and inspired) by second aeon not only for its excellent content but because its former HQ is practically on my doorstep. Hard to imagine a literary phenomenon taking place in sleepy Llandaff North!

Finch has spoken here and here about the difficulties he faced producing a high-circulation counterculture magazine from an obscure Cardiff backstreet (Maplewood Avenue). One can only wonder what he would have been capable of had the internet been available in the Sixties.

The good news is that the Poetry Library at the South Bank Centre in London have put an issue of second aeon online with more to follow. Click here to see the final 1974 edition in all its resurrected glory.