Saturday, July 28, 2007

Cate le Bon/Euros Childs at Cafe Europa

We arrived late at Cafe Europa after attending a faith healing session in Roath (don't ask). By this time the miniscule venue was already packed to the rafters so they wouldn't allow us in. Instead we had to make do with sitting on the pavement outside listening to Cate le Bon's dulcet tones emanating from within.

This was no hardship. For once the evening weather was warm and balmy as we sipped beers purchased from the shop next door. Very pleasant indeed and a marvellous view of the castle to boot.

Also outside was Euros Childs who looked pale, thin and pensive. He was due on stage shortly. I told him I'd just seen a miracle in an obscure Cardiff church where a woman with a bad back was cured of her pains by the power of prayer. He didn't seem too impressed by my faith healing anecdote.

Meanwhile Cate le Bon was going down a storm inside: No One Can Drag Me Down and O Am Gariad had the sardine-packed punters whooping with delight. Her alt-folk songs combine gorgeous melodies with just the right amount of lyrical darkness. If her Cafe Europa set is anything to go by then her soon-to-be-released album Pet Deaths will be a real treat.

As the crowd spilled outside for some much needed fresh air I managed to sneak in.

Once everyone had resumed their seats Euros Childs and collaborator Peter Richardson arrived on stage. Overcoming some initial nervousness they quickly found their feet playing choice cuts from Chops and Bore Da. Highlights included Sandalau which reminded us that summer is actually here and First Time I Saw You which must surely rank as one of his greatest tunes.

Childs also previewed songs from his forthcoming album The Miracle Inn. These included new single Horse Riding and a ditty about being cooler than a fridge. Or something like that. Anyway it was an enjoyable, informal performance by Childs and Richardson that left - after an encore - the Cafe Europa crowd sated.

Now, about this faith healer....

*Picture courtesy of Maciej Dakowicz who like the consummate professional that he is arrived there on time.