Monday, November 19, 2007

Barrie J Davies at Garej

Barrie J Davies is a one man personality cult. But he is no Mao Zedong, Stalin or other dictatorial monster - no, Barrie J Davies is an artist. I know this because he keeps on saying so.

Recently Barrie published a book entitled: Subesque : The Art of Barrie J Davies. This weighty tome showcases a wide range of Barrie's lo-fi oeuvre - cheapo artworks and photos featuring subverting captions, bad puns and weird juxtapositions.

Hundreds of works can be found therein which when viewed individually might seem insubstantial and trivial but as a collection form an interesting and entertaining whole. My favourites include a post-it note stuck on a Royal Mail post box bearing the inscription: "Help I'm stuck in the post box"; and a pair of washing-up gloves that have the words "love" and "hate" biroed across the knuckle area of their rubber fingers.

You can experience Barrie's unique brand of comedic conceptual art over at Garej (Pontcanna, Cardiff) from November 23rd, where he is hosting an event called Brake Pads. A Garej press release claims he has hijacked the venue: "with his fanatical anarchic army of artists, musicians and poets for his own psychedelic humorous insubordinate desires". Now, that would be just so typical of the man.

Certain critics regard Barrie J Davies as some kind of dada-ist genius, others think he is just taking the piss. Go and check him out and decide for yourselves.