Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cardiff Zombie Walk

They are coming. With blank expressionless eyes and green rotting flesh dropping away from their very bones the zombies desperately want to get their outstretched hands on you. For on the night of November 21, 2007, the undead will rise up from their graves and walk the earth… well, Wood Street, Cardiff, anyway.

A Zombie Walk is being planned for that evening and YOUR ghoulish presence is required. Don’t worry about not having any green make-up handy you can get that done for free at Jumpin Jaks which will be the event’s HQ. And, quite frankly, what better place to be hosting such a gathering?

Apparently the largest ever assembly of zombies was at the Monroeville Shopping Mall, Pittsburgh, USA. Organisers of the Cardiff event hope to beat the world record but are there really enough Welsh zombies out there to succeed? We’ll see. It should be fun whatever happens.

So, whether you enjoy dressing up like a reanimated corpse; want to try and break a world record; or just like putting the wind up passing Christmas shoppers make sure you get your bones down to Jumpin Jaks (Millennium Plaza), Wood Street, on November 21. For full details of times etc click here.