Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pete Fowler at Work

Popped into Chapter Arts, Cardiff, today to observe artist Pete Fowler painting a large-scale psychedelic monster mural.

His technique interested me. Headphones clamped on, Fowler moved about the work with energy and intent. A dab of paint here, a brushstroke there, a contemplative step back, an adjustment of his spectacles, then off again with renewed vigour. Like Rolf Harris on mushrooms.

I studied him closely. Locked into his own private monster world, he appeared completely oblivious to the bourgeois housewives, would-be intellectuals, and all the other usual suspects who wash up in Chapter on a daily basis.

As I sipped my over-priced blackcurrant Ribena I couldn't help feeling that this was a pretty cool way to spend an hour. There's something incredibly satisfying about watching other people slaving away - especially when they are as talented as Fowler.

Finally, fully arted-up, I took a few snaps for posterity (see pic), sidestepped a couple of resting actors, then headed out into a bright autumnal Canton day, leaving Fowler to get on with his artistic vision.

Pete Fowler is painting his mural live - like a monkey in a zoo - all this week (November 5 - 8) as part of the Swn Festival. Go and stare at him.