Monday, November 19, 2007

Welsh Rare Beat 2

After the musical feast that was Welsh Rare Beat comes a second helping of Welsh-language esoterica courtesy of Andy Votel, Dom Thomas and Gruff Rhys. The Welsh Rare Beat 2 menu invites us to tuck into a scrumptious selection of kitsch, cosmic and psychedelic flavours by the likes of Heather Jones, Meic Stevens and Y Tebot Piws (The Purple Teapot) - to name but three.

Sleeve notes are penned by Gruff Rhys whose scribblings on the first instalment were a genuine education in Welsh-language rock and pop history.

The packaging here is fun too undermining stereotypes and tapping into some of the more colourful events of recent Welsh popular culture like the Dyfed Triangle and Welsh motorcycle gangs (ground already covered extensively on this blog, I might add). Check out the press release - it's very entertaining and a nice piece of Welsh popular culture in itself.

Welsh Rare Beat 2 is released by Finders Keepers records and is on sale now.