Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Darkside Gallery

Lesbians with guns; daleks; cinematic monsters; cult icons; beautiful women who have forgotten to put on any clothing. Or as, ahem, Professor Heinrich Von Wolfsbane puts it: contemporary art for the seriously disturbed.

Check out the excellent Darkside Gallery and witness for yourselves the uber-cool artwork of Cardiff-based Mr Sul. But take heed, do not venture there if you like nice scenery, flowers, or Satan forbid, puppies.

I notice Mr Sul also does commissions. So, if anyone wants to order me a collection of Welsh porn star portraits (say, Isabel Ice, Kellemarie, Shay Hendrix and Sophie Dee); or a nice canvas of Neath's Ray Milland as The Man With X-Ray Eyes; or Lon Chaney Jnr as Welsh monster The Wolf Man - then please, don't let me stop you.

All of Mr Sul's artworks are original and non computer-enhanced. You can purchase items via The Darkside website.