Friday, September 19, 2008

Dig the Nu Breed

Are you a young writer under 30 years of age? Do you creep home every night, bolt yourself in your bedroom, and scribble brooding stories that Dostoyevsky would be proud of? Maybe you're the new Charles Bukowski? Or Julie Burchill? Is your God-given talent being overlooked by boring old farts who don't understand true literary genius when they see it!? Fear not, young person, because help is at hand.

Parthian books are currently putting together an anthology entitled Nu, which aims to foster and showcase undiscovered writing talent. This is a great opportunity for fresh-faced scribes to get their words into print and get themselves noticed. That means you, sunshine. Doesn't matter if it's a short story, poem, cultural essay, diatribe, whatever - it just has to be good and be brimming with youth and vitality.

A youthful Rachel Trezise began her writing career with a short story published by Parthian. Since then she has had three books published and won the inaugural Dylan Thomas Prize, worth a cool £60,000. She now lives in a golden palace at a secret location somewhere in the Valleys. That could be you - so get cracking. Who knows where it might all lead: "And the winner of this year's Nobel Prize For Literature is.... (insert your name here)."

For more information and submission details click here.