Thursday, January 01, 2009

Rheinallt H Rowlands - Charles Bukowski

Talking of Ynys Mon, one of my favourite Welsh-language songs ever comes from that mystical island. It is called Charles Bukowski (circa 1993) and is by the enigmatic Rheinallt H Rowlands. You can see a delightful video of the Joy Division-inspired trio performing it, above.

An excellent website dedicated to them also sprang up last year, without me noticing. It contains lots of interesting info, plus news, press reports, and a complete discography. A copy of their album Bukowski used to reside at my local library. Unfortunately some complete b*****d with, it has to be said, great musical taste, has nicked it. Ah well, I can still enjoy this Youtube.

*Also, listen out for their Wangnerian Welsh-language versions of Joy Division's New Dawn Fades, Atmosphere, and Decades.