Thursday, March 19, 2009

Egg on her Face

If, as with me, the name Margaret Thatcher makes you feel physically sick then this will warm the cockles of your heart.

In 1984 during the miners’ strike the Iron Lady deigned to make one of her rare trips across the border. She was attending the Welsh Conservative Conference at the Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl. Her arrival was greeted with a chorus of verbal abuse from the 300 members of the South Wales Miners’ Wives’ Action Group who had gathered outside.

While Maggie went inside to address the blue rinse brigade the Dyfed Farmers’ Action Group turned up. They were fuming. Police road blocks had deliberately delayed their arrival. To make matters worse their request for a private meeting with the Prime Minister was refused. Along with the miners’ wives they waited behind the metal barrier for Thatcher to come out.

When she did finally emerge into the bright sunshine a barrage of eggs, butter and tomatoes rained down on her. The Chairman of the Bridgend Conservative Association was in the eye of the storm, he said: "I was thanking the Prime Minister when bang - over came the eggs."

The missiles hurled across the promenade soon found their target. Thatcher’s black and white spotted dress was covered in gunk, and yolk splattered her face and hair (see pic). Police and Special Branch hurriedly formed a protective cordon around her before a waiting car whisked her away from the angry crowd. Surprisingly no arrests were made.

Whoever was responsible for egging Margaret Thatcher that day, I salute you.