Tuesday, March 03, 2009

FOTL at the Vulcan

This Youtube combines two of my favourite things: the superb new single by Future of the Left entitled The Hope that House Built, and the Vulcan pub which is over 150 years old.

As you can see the video features a donkey, an owl, a fish, and a lizard of some description. A typical night down the Vulcan, then. Nice to see the pub's famous urinal in action too. And doesn't the ship's wheel on the wall look just great.

Plans are afoot to turn this splendid Victorian boozer into either a car park or a new, as yet unspecified, development. Christ on a bike. Shame on the short-sighted council if, in the blink of a property developer's eye, another piece of Cardiff's heritage is wiped from the map.

If, as expected, the Vulcan is razed to the ground this summer, then this apocalyptic video might well be its cultural epitaph. You can find out more about the Save the Vulcan Campaign here.