Friday, September 11, 2009

Lacey Lynne

The picture caption reads: Lynne Jones, the 28-year-old scantily clad mother of three from Ogmore Vale does her utmost to promote the widely-made Welsh lace.

The photo comes from a defunct weekly newspaper called the South Wales Mirror. It was active circa 1970-1. In each edition a lightly-clothed Welsh model would disport herself. As well as Lacey Lynne there was Annie Davies, an unarmed combat specialist from Porthcawl; Lena Owens, a cabaret artiste from Bridgend; Maria Heape, mother of twins from Swansea; Annette Jones, a salesgirl from Newport; and so on.

Of course the pictures are unforgivably sexist, and the captions ridiculously naff. But, aesthetically, there is a kind of retro charm to the images. And how odd to see a series of "page 3" type photographs in a Welsh newspaper.