Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Clive was a trendy London-based fashion label that sprang up in the 1960s and lasted for about a decade. The designer behind the enterprise was Clive Evans from Cardiff. His road to haute couture success wasn't straightforward.

The previous six generations of his family had been doctors and, initially, he too embarked upon a medical career. Medicine turned out not to be his scene so he joined the navy instead. After leaving the sea he finally decided to pursue his passion for fashion.

He took some of his sketches to couturier Michael and landed a job. Later he became personal assistant to Owen of Lachasse. From there he went on to become an assistant designer to John Cavanagh. In 1963 he launched his first solo collection which was financially backed by a mysterious titled lady who wished to remain anonymous.

At first he specialised in designs which utilised wool. From Wales he took traditional honeycomb "bedspread" wool in Arctic white and fashioned it into chic suits. By 1970 he was experimenting with a wide variety of fabrics and designs such as this, ahem, dress and jacket in grey and white check gabardine and plain grey and white gabardine. And side-wrapped skirt.

Sadly, the label seems to have disappeared in the early '70s. But you can see more of Clive Evans's cool designs over at the excellent VADS website.

*The above image is copyright of the London College of Fashion/The Woolmark Company.