Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Welsh Exam

Ever wondered how to sex up learning Welsh? Me neither, but I think I've stumbled across the ideal solution: you just make the exam process more erotic. Over at the admirable Pin Up WOW! website, which specialises in tasteful erotica, they have come up with a saucy Welsh-language exam scenario. A rather prim-looking, bespectacled, lady stands before a blackboard with "Bore Da, Welsh Exam, Stage 1" chalked on it. She is there to ensure there is no cheating during the examination. Amazingly however, during proceedings, she gets it into her head to remove all of her clothing. Quite what the WJEC would make of that I'm not sure. The star of this ground-breaking item of erotica is glamour model Bryoni-Kate Williams who hails from Beddau, near Pontypridd. To see more pictures from the shoot or to get hold of the HD video entitled, Bore Da, visit the Pin Up WOW! website now.