Sunday, February 07, 2010

Interview With Shay Hendrix

Here's a quick interview with delightful Welsh porn star Shay Hendrix to celebrate the launch of her super cool new website: (you must be at least 18 years of age to visit).

How and why did you first get into the adult entertainment industry?

I was working as an account manager for a web development company, but was struggling to pay the rent so I took up lap-dancing part-time. I met a girl there who turned out to be Welsh porn starlet, Loz Lorrimar. She suggested I try giving porn a go and put me in touch with Killergram (a porn production company). I did my first shoot with them, loved it so much and never looked back!

What are the good and bad points of being a porn star?

There are so many good points!! I thoroughly love my job. I have met some truly wonderful people, travelled the world, I love getting all dolled-up, hair and make up done, and every day is different. I don't see many bad points, but I guess if I had to say one it might be that I have to travel long distances and it gets a bit boring sat in my car for sometimes up to 8 hours a day. But it's a small thing and I can't really complain.

What's the most unusual porn scenario you have been involved in?

Haha! Oh goodness....there have been a few!! I do a lot of fetish work such as ball-busting, face-sitting, cat-fighting, splosh, etc so it's difficult to pick just one! I've done a pet-girls shoot for Television X where I was dressed up as a puppy; have wrapped a man in bubble wrap and sat on his face for half-an-hour; put a plastic bag of beans on my head, so yeah! Haha!

Outside of the industry what are your cultural interests?

I love trying new things, adventure type stuff like sky diving, etc. I enjoy getting lost in a good book, my favourite of all time being The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I like live music and festivals, and when the summer comes round I can't wait to go camping on Shell Island! And most of all I'm happy to just be spending time with my family and mates.

Who would you like to star with in your fantasy Welsh porn film?

Oooh, erm....lets see. It'd be an orgy scene with me, Jason Statham, Eminem and Megan Fox and we'd all be rolling around a big Welsh flag. YUM!

Finally Shay, you have just launched a brand new website - can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes, it's . I've had so much fun shooting stuff for it, and it's great to have the freedom of choosing what I want to shoot and what I think my fans will like. I've got loads of ideas for future shoots and have got plenty coming up soon. So go check it out!!