Friday, March 19, 2010

The Twins Would Like to Say

Of all the posts I’ve written on this blog the one which has generated the most interest (particularly from America) is this one about the Gibbons sisters from west Wales. I regularly get asked to photocopy The Pepsi-Cola Addict even though I don’t actually own a copy. There is a snippet of info floating around the internet saying that this cult book has been reprinted several times. As far as I’m aware this is completely untrue. But The Pepsi-Cola Addict and other works by the Gibbons twins really ought to be resurrected.

Currently running in Chicago is a dramatised version of their childhood, The Twins Would Like to Say. It is being staged at the Steppenwolf Theatre by the Dog & Pony Theatre Company. You can see a video preview of it here and a television review here and written reviews here. It looks pretty interesting. Would be great if this particular production was staged in Wales at some point in the future. How about some kind of Wales-Chicago theatrical exchange?