Friday, April 09, 2010

Cindy Williams

Cindy Williams was a Swansea chanteuse active in the 1960s. Like Welsh contemporaries Mia Lewis and Tawny Reed she released a couple of records with limited success before fading into obscurity. Both of her singles were released by Parlophone in '67 when she was just 19-years-old: Eyes of a Man/My Love And I and They Talk About Us/Did He Call Today Mama?

They Talk About Us is the opening track on Dream Babes: Am I Dreaming, a recent-ish compilation of songs by Sixties girl singers chosen by Bob Stanley of St Etienne fame. Williams's 45 is a nice piece of girly melodrama as you can hear from this sample.

Cindy came from Dyfatty, Swansea, where she lived with her mother, father and three brothers. Apparently, in 1965, she appeared as a contestant on a TV show (Groucho) starring Groucho Marx. He asked her to sing - she obliged with a rendition of Sospan Fach. Soon afterwards she took singing lessons and was quickly signed up by Parlophone.

I don't know much else about Cindy Williams, so if you happen to know what became of her please get in touch.