Friday, August 20, 2010

Fabulous Katherine Jenkins

Cards on the table - I'm not a huge Katherine Jenkins fan. All that operatic warbling does my head in. I do, however, really like this cover - and the accompanying spread - that she did for Fabulous magazine in March this year. Jenkins has a rather saccharin, goody two-shoes image so I guess the idea was to uncover her bad self. Vamped up in a black dress, leather studded gloves, and wearing a peroxide wig, the dark Katherine is depicted pulling the hair of her more familiar angelic persona. It's a cool photoshoot. Fabulous, you might be suprised to learn, is a fashion supplement of the News of the World. More typically, a couple of weeks before she did this shoot, that same newspaper was drawing the world's attention to an incident at a show in Manchester, during which Katherine's left boob popped out, revealing her charms to an unsuspecting world. The article entitled, Jenkins Goes Popera, is accompanied by a candid picture, complete with a red ring around the liberated nipple.