Friday, January 14, 2011

Seek Out the Guilty

Seek Out the Guilty is an early example of a Welsh true crime book. Published in 1969 it is the memoir of ex-DS David Thomas of the CID, and features some of the most notorious criminal cases in south Wales. These include the story of ‘the Butcher of Cwmdu’, Michael Onufrejczyk, a Pole who cut up his victim into such fine pieces that no part of the corpse was ever discovered. You’ll also find here the revenge slaying of an unfortunate fellow by the Cardiff Race Track Gang, for which two gang members were eventually hanged. I’ve come across this book before sans dust jacket so was surprised to discover just how grisly the cover actually is. It shows the corpse of Granville Jenkins who was stabbed to death by Tehar Gass ‘the Crazy Somali’ on the outskirts of Newport.