Wednesday, May 18, 2011

John Travolta You Are A Superstar

I’ve mentioned deceased Tiger Bay singer Gene Latter previously on this blog. He released about a dozen singles in a variety of musical styles during the ‘60s and ‘70s but never quite cracked the big time. There are always plenty of his records on YouTube, some of which are quite collectable, particularly amongst Northern Soul and Mod aficionados. I’ve even heard talk that a Gene Latter compilation album is in the pipeline though, as yet, I’ve seen no actual evidence of this. Latter also ‘discovered’ and managed Britain’s first mixed-race band The Equals, featuring a teenage Eddy Grant. They had a monster smash hit with Baby Come Back. Anyway, the above YouTube is his last single (that I’m aware of), a novelty disco record from 1978 called John Travolta You Are A Superstar. Despite the title it’s not completely crap. Actually it is not at all bad and his voice was obviously still in fine fettle at the time of this recording.