Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bethan Huws - Invisible Art

The Hayward Gallery in London is currently hosting an exhibition of invisible art – an event that is guaranteed to infuriate both art philistines and the humourless. Invisible art actually has a venerable tradition which includes works by Yves Klein, Yoko Ono and Andy Warhol – all of whom are included here. In the late ‘50s Klein displayed in what appeared to be an empty room “immaterial pictorial sensibility”. Yoko Ono has written instructions for invisible paintings. She also, notoriously, didn’t appear at an art event in Cardiff in 1968 but sent instead a photograph of herself. In the 1980s Andy Warhol created an invisible sculpture in a New York nightclub which just consisted of a label saying: Andy Warhol, USA/Invisible Sculpture/Mixed Media 1985. One of the contributing artists in the Hayward Gallery show is Bethan Huws from Bangor. She has apparently hired some beautiful actors to wander about the gallery distracting art lovers from their picture viewing thus rendering the exhibition itself even more invisible. If you happen to be in London why not go and see Bethan's work - well, sort of.

*Invisible: Art of the Unseen 1957-2012 is on at the Hayward Gallery in London. If you want to investigate more of Bethan Huws’s always interesting ideas check out this YouTube.