Friday, July 27, 2012

My Mummy was an Underwater Welder

The Riotous Brothers were a 3-piece post-punk outfit from south Wales featuring David Webb (vocals, guitar), Chris Davies (bass), and David Williams (drums). Their first vinyl appearance was on the 1979 Cardiff compilation Is the War Over? which came out on Z-Block Records. Their contribution consisted of two songs: No Justice, and the controversial Airey Neave (he was a Tory MP who got blown up by Irish republicans in 1979). In 1980 the band released an EP on their own Riotous Records: Vicki's Dancing, Operation Zero and Emotional Cripple were the tunes on offer. The EP had a punky, collage sleeve design and even made use of an 'It's Brains You Want' advert (as would the Super Furry Animals on their 1996 album Fuzzy Logic). In 1981 the Riotous Brothers pressed an LP on green vinyl, wonderfully titled: My Mummy Was An Underwater Welder. One side was recorded at Grassroots studio in Cardiff, the other consisted of a live performance at the Regal Cinema in Minehead. Included were cover versions of Lou Reed's Heroin and Neil Diamond's I'm a Believer. Naturally, the LP is now much sought after by collectors of DIY and is probably worth quite a few of your punk pounds.