Friday, December 28, 2012

Welsh-Language Record Covers

Take a visually stimulating trip through '50s, '60s and '70s Welsh-language record sleeves at the rather fine Cloriau Clasurol flickr group. Labels such as Cambrian, Welsh Teldisc Records, Wren and Sain are prevalent. Aesthetically you'll find an abundance of kitsch, pastoral and naive designs. This reflects the music which is very often conservative - choirs, harpists, acoustic balladeers (young and old). Ensembles strumming their acoustic guitars in the great outdoors, wearing matching shirts (or jumpers) seems to be an especially popular choice of cover (see pic). There are 'cooler' sleeves here too - the more psychedelic or rockist efforts by bands and artists such as Bara Menyn, Meic Stevens, and Y Tebot Piws, for example; or the political artworks favoured by protest singer Dafydd Iwan. Enjoy.