Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Flag Whisky

You've heard of champagne socialism, right? Well, drinkers on the political left of a more hardcore persuasion might prefer a snifter of Red Flag, the new, radical socialist, whisky from Penderyn. The Red Flag moniker has symbolic significance. It commemorates the Merthyr Riots of 1831 during which the red flag was for the first time raised as an emblem of social protest. Unfortunately it all ended badly for the rebels with imprisonment, transportation, and in the case of Dic Penderyn (real name: Richard Lewis), death by hanging.

Over at the Penderyn distillery blog, MD Stephen Davies explains the rationale behind Red Flag whisky: "Wales has an incredibly rich history, and some powerful stories that have yet to receive the recognition that they deserve. Not many people would associate the red flag of social protest with Wales, yet it's here that the international iconic symbol originated."

The company plans to issue 50 special bottlings in their new Icons of Wales series, each of which will celebrate a significant event or person from Welsh history and culture. One can only speculate on what or who this might involve. I'd love to be able to mourn the disappearance of Richey Edwards with a Generation Terrorists single malt, for instance; or how about a glass of Free Wales Army on the rocks; and wouldn't it be lovely to get completely shitfaced on a whole bottle of R S Thomas?

Red Flag is a strictly limited edition and is available for purchase at the Penderyn website and selected stores in Wales.