Saturday, February 16, 2013

Peter Singh and The Clash

"I don't smoke dope / I don't drink bourbon / All I want to do / Is shake my turban," so sang Peter Singh on Rocking With the Sikh. Other songs in the Swansea sikh's rock'n'roll repertoire include Who's Sari Now and Turbans Over Memphis. Perhaps the most affecting of all his ballads is Elvis, I'm on the Phone in which Singh receives a heavenly phonecall from the King himself. Elvis has a burning question for him: ''Peter, there's just one thing I wanna know. What's the weather like down there in Swansea?'' Singh, real name Narinder, is a legendary figure in downtown Swansea. He used to run a takeaway there from which he sold Love Me Tender burgers. Also on the menu was a set meal for one called Are You Lonesome Tonight? In the above photo Singh is pictured with The Clash. He's the one in the white, rhinestone-studded, Vegas-era Elvis jumpsuit.

*Thanks to Huw Williams for the tip.