Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Elwyn James of Swansea

Elwyn James - "Favoured by the Fashionable" - was a cut above your average boutique. In fact, they styled themselves as a private fashion house. Originally founded by J Elwyn James in Cardiganshire in 1911 the drapery business soon moved to the more populous locale of Swansea. After WW2 the shop began specialising in ladies clothes. After the death of the founder the operation was taken over by his son W Hadyn James and his wife - both of whom had previously worked at Harrods. With a keen eye for fashion they bought their stock from London and further afield in Europe. They opened their Caer St premises in 1959. With gold carpeting, gold chandeliers and a wrought iron staircase painted gold - the emphasis was definitely on luxury. The shop was set out over two floors, selling cocktail dresses, continental jersey suits, coats and furs. They employed 10 assistants. This advert is from 1963 - click on the picture to see a larger version.