Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Dorothy Squires

A picture of Welsh diva Dorothy Squires bidding a fond farewell to her pet poodle, Jason, before speeding off to perform at the London Palladium (where else?) in 1971. Unlucky in love she was almost as famous for being dumped by ambitious hubby Roger Moore as for her actual singing career. A cursory glance at the headlines in her cuttings file provides an insight into her chaotic private life: The Spy Who Left Me!; She Once Had A Mansion Now A Debtor's Cell Looms; Sad Dorothy Out On The Streets. Squires, who always seemed to be in the process of suing somebody, was eventually banned from the High Court for her litigiousness. Virtually penniless after squandering her fortune on legal fees, she ended her days living in a house in Trebanog, Rhondda. Her accommodation provided by a fish and chip shop owner who took pity on her. She died of lung cancer in 1998. *Photo ©Chris Ware/Getty Images.