Monday, May 07, 2007

Calling Gene Loves Jezebel

As, ahem, regular readers will know the collision of the local and the international really fascinates me. So it was great to learn that cult writer Poppy Z Brite's first paid interview as a journalist was with Porthcawl goths Gene Loves Jezebel.

Apparently Ms Z Brite conducted the interview by telephone from the States to Wales with the result that her phone bill was greater than the fee she actually received for the work.

The connection doesn't end there. It is widely believed that the physical prototype for the psychic vampire twins in Brite's first novel Lost Souls is based upon Gene Loves Jezebel's twin frontmen Jay and Michael Aston. Ooooh.

Her interview appeared in the Miami music fanzine Alternative Rhythms (see pic) back in 1986. Such is the power of the internet that you can actually read the result of this odd cultural coming together here.