Monday, August 06, 2007

Coney Beach

Another advert - this one from 1969.

I like the way it attempts to make Porthcawl (near Bridgend) appear more glamorous by association. Firstly the name Coney Beach links it to the cool Americana of Coney Island in New York. (The same trick was used futher down the coast at Aberavon where the strip of sand was known as Miami Beach).

And secondly it rather brazenly declares itself to be "The Welsh Riviera" - thus connecting it to the fashionable beach life of the Côte d'Azur. Anything it seems rather than admit to being part of a modest Welsh seaside resort.

This shameless self-aggrandisement is somewhat undermined by its list of attractions, amongst which is the Model Village: "which can hold a fascinating interest for children and adults alike". Right.

Coney Beach is still going strong today. Nowadays though along with the faded charm of the Pleasure Park you'll find facilities for trendier activities like surfing and other watersports. Don't despair though fans of Welsh kitsch! It is also provides the backdrop for The Porthcawl Elvis Presley Festival.