Monday, February 25, 2008

Welsh Cult

I quite like the idea of the whole of Wales suddenly converting to a bizarre Welsh cult (and I'm not talking Methodism here). It'd be most amusing. Unfortunately the nearest one I can find is in Georgia, USA - the Association of Cymry Wicca. Or Welsh Witchcraft if you prefer.

The Association of Cymru Wicca is based upon the Church of Y Tylwyth Teg (the fairy folk) which apparently enjoys tax-free religious status in America.

As we all know most cults are primarily designed to help you part company with either your wallet or your underwear. Sometimes both. I'm not sure which of these categories Cymry Wicca falls into but there are a lot of naturist links on their website.

Fortunately the Association of Cymry Wicca has so far avoided the worst excesses of more notorious cults. There have been no mass suicides; no spectacular shoot-outs with law enforcement agencies; and no stockpiling of nerve gas. Which is encouraging.

Instead (judging by their website) you will be subjected to some fairly harmless New Age practices at their secluded mountain retreat (apparently called Camelot-of-the-woods) and no doubt have to endure plenty of spiritual hokum concerning the Old Religion (witchcraft). Sound suspiciously like a bunch of hippies to me.

Anyway if you're into Welsh witchcraft or even if you just enjoy getting naked in a woodland setting the Association of Cymry Wicca could be the cult for you. You certainly wouldn't be alone - they have over 15,000 followers worldwide.

*If you are genuinely interested in this kind of stuff then the best place to start would probably be Y Tylwyth Teg's online HQ.