Monday, May 19, 2008

China Vagina

Over the past few years Cardiff artist Ruth McLees has been catching the eye with her stylish artworks featuring images painted onto patterned fabric furnishings. Her figures are usually female and often reference film and fashion.

Recently she has designed an excellent range of ceramics using the female sex organs as a theme. The limited edition China Vagina collection features: The Golden Pussy (see pic); The World is her Oyster; Garden of Eden; Rape of Tibet; Zip it!; and The Orgasm.

Priced at (of course) £69 a plate they are not exactly cheap but worth it just to shock your dinner party guests. Just imagine the raised eyebrows after they’ve polished off their sausage, beans and mashed potato. I for one would be more than happy to lick the plate clean.

Both subversive and a celebration of the female form, they are a fine example of imaginatively designed ceramic art. You can find out more about McLees’ excellent work here.