Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dr Karanka's Itinerant Photo Exhibition

Cardiff-based Finnish snapper, Joni Karanka, has come up with a splendid concept: an itinerant photographic exhibition. Over the past few weeks photographers from all around the world have been posting him their prints of choice. He, in turn, has been sticking them to the walls of his house with blu-tak. Last week he threw an opening party and for one evening his modest abode in Roath became a kind of lo-fi version of the Tate gallery.

Soon this varied collection of pictures will be moving on to its next destination, Bologna, followed by London, Gliwice (Poland) and then Leuven (Belgium). Along the way the exhibition will grow as other snappers submit their works. In the meantime a selection of prints are on show in the pool room at the New Park Liberal Club, City Road, Roath. There is even talk of a farewell party for them, there, next Friday. Entry is free.

I think the whole idea is brilliant and wonderfully egalitarian. Photographers who have contributed works are a mixture of the well-known and the obscure - there are Flickr stars and complete amateurs. My particular favourites are by Blake Andrews from Portland, Oregon, and a couple of night-time shots by controversial Polish lensman Maciej Dakowicz.

Removing photos from the hallowed and often uber-snooty environs of an official gallery is another plus point of this enterprise. Name me one major photographic gallery anywhere in the world where you are allowed to view the works on show whilst sipping a pint of Brains SA? Exactly. And, if the pictures don't float your boat, you can always shoot some pool instead.

*The exhibition at the New Park Liberal Club runs from April 17 - 24.