Sunday, June 21, 2009

Isabel Ice Interview 2005

Another interview rescued from my now-defunct Wolf Man Knew My Father website. This time with lovely Welsh porn star, Isabel Ice:

Isabel, can you tell us a bit about your background and where you are from?

I come from the Vale of Glamorgan where I went to a good Catholic school until I was 16. After that I moved to Cardiff and went to college there, and in a natural progression I moved to London to go to university. I have a lovely family who at present don't know the mischief I'm up to. I have no doubt they'll be horrified, but I know they'll still love me. I had a very normal upbringing, although my mum and dad have always thought I was crazy!

How did you first get into the adult entertainment industry?

A scout in London just asked me if I'd be interested in doing porn movies in LA, and I was up for a bit of a challenge. I'd just moved back from Spain, where I was living for some time, and the cold London weather just wasn't doing it for me so I thought a holiday to LA sounded like just the ticket. A month after being asked I was on the plane and arriving at my agent's office, LADirectModels.

Why did you choose the name 'Isabel Ice'?

Because I didn't want to be too serious and call myself something really predictable and 'sexy' sounding, so I thought it was just a funny name. I'm so un-icy that it doesn't really suit me at all. Hehe.

Does being a porn star interfere with personal relationships?

Yes, it does interfere with relationships but I find that's more my problem than a problem with guys. I just don't have the time to invest in a relationship because of work, and so I often find I neglect men. Not intentionally. It's not nice to put work first all of the time, regardless of the industry that you're a part of, so I tend not to have a boyfriend as I don't want to mess them around. But you never know... Mr. Right may be just around the corner - maybe my priorities would shift if I was genuinely in love.

What kind of preparations do you have to make before shooting a sex scene?

I always try and focus and keep calm - I suffer from pre-shoot nerves really badly. Luckily I perform well under pressure. I find that because a lot of my scenes are very wild, people have huge expectations of me when I walk on set, and I always think: 'What if today I just can't do a great scene?' I hate doing a bad job. I'm incredibly proud of what I do, and I take my job as a performer very seriously even though I don't take myself seriously. You have to be professional. Also before scenes you have to make sure that everything is clean. Some girls like to stretch their ass before they start anal, but I like to feel the pain. Haha.

Is the sex enjoyable when you shoot a scene or does the presence of camera and crew inhibit the pleasure?

It's not like real life sex. The focus is on making great porn which is the buzz for me. The sex is just a part of a bigger picture. For example, I would never do double anal in my 'private' life, but that doesn't mean I don't like to do it for porn. I find porn is almost like a forum, where you can try the maddest sexual acts and there's no repercussions. You can say what you want, do what you want, and when it's over everyone goes home. No small talk, no worrying if the guy thinks you're a slut because you are, and you're a great slut! The camera crew being there doesn't bother me at all, but sometimes the guys struggle when there's a lot of people in the room. Sex in private and sex in porn are two incomparable entities.

What's the most difficult scene you've ever had to shoot?

I don't know. None of the sex acts are difficult for me. When I get bored is when I start to find things difficult. Like if the guy has a soft cock it really starts to grind on your patience after a while. Instead of there being a method behind the madness it becomes all stopping and starting, and more stopping and starting. The same can be said of shoots with companies who like to have a lot of cuts. I just want mad sex. A 30 minute scene in my book should take 30 minutes to film. I also find having my photo taken very difficult. I hate posing. I'm a porn star not a glamour model! Haha.

Which of your films was the most fun to make?

Anything with my favorite companies/guys/girls are always great to make. I always have fun when I work with Steve Holmes, Manuel Ferrara, Mr Pete, any of the Platinum X Pictures, or Red Light District boys. We're friends off set as well. While I'm in LA I go bowling every night with those lot. We even have our own bowling balls and shoes. Not very rock'n'roll - the crazy life of porners revolves around our nightly fix of sushi and bowling!!! Hehe.

What are the main differences between American and British porn from your point of view?

The major differences are the time it takes to shoot movies. In America it's literally in and out for gonzo porn most of the time. Unlike the UK where things are a little less organized. The second huge difference is the talent pool. All of the best men head straight to LA. The better the male performer is, the easier the scene is.

Is it possible to make a decent living from acting in porn?

It is very easy to make money from the industry but you only have a limited shelf life so you have to be smart. Finish school, have a stand-by career because it's easy to fall into the trap of assuming you'll be making that kind of money forever.

Away from the sex industry what are your main interests?

I love salsa dancing, cooking, socializing. I love going to the movies and, although I only go whilst in LA, I suppose bowling would have to come under one of my interests. I also love photography, art, and I collect expensive sex toys.

What's your favourite book, movie (non-porno) and record?

Book is The Damage Done by Warren Fellows (a true life story of a guy in a Thai prison for an unthinkable amount of time... I cried many times during this book). Film is a hard one... I love Pedro Almodóvar, he's so twisted but believable. So I'll say La Mala Educación but that's just one of many of his films that I love. Record. Hmmm, there's just so many to think of... at the moment I'm really liking Franz Ferdinand but I'm into all sorts of music. I think if I had to name just one I'd say... Parliment/Funkadelic's One Nation.

What's your idea of the perfect man?

Ohh... hard! I don't have a 'perfect man'. Although I tend to go for darker people. Not on purpose but when I think about who I fancy they all seem to be olive-skinned or dark haired. Personality wise, I like people who are funny but dark at the same time. I like to get a little sick sometimes. And of course, the typical: kind, nice etc.

Who would you like to star with in your fantasy Welsh porn film?

I'd like to be involved in a mini-gangbang with members of the Super Furry Animals.

What are your long-term ambitions in porn - and beyond that?

To just keep making porn to the best of my ability. To keep having fun with it and who knows where that'll lead. Beyond that I would like a family and a job that I really enjoy and, of course, I want to travel more.

Finally Isabel, what advice would you give to any young Welsh women thinking of going into the industry?

Think very carefully before you go rushing in looking to make a quick buck. Sum up what the pros and cons are and whether the sacrifices you make are going to be worth it. You will experience prejudice, and it will restrict certain things you will be able to do in the future. Think about the relationships you have and if they can withstand an issue like porn. If you still think that it's the right option for you get a good agent, don't do anything you don't want to, and good luck. Wales needs to be more on the map, and if the only way I can do it is through porn, so be it!!!

©Anthony Brockway 2005