Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Joy Division in Bangor

As far as I'm aware Joy Division only ever played one gig in Wales - that was in the refectory at Bangor University on October 18th, 1979. Simon Calkin was there and here is his account of the show:

"I worked on the Joy Division/Buzzcocks gig at Bangor University. Everyone in print says it was 19th October (even Deborah Curtis) but it wasn't the 19th, it was the 18th. I've still got the ticket (see scan) despite not needing it to get in (as I worked on the gig, humping PA and lighting gear around).

I'd never heard Joy Division until that night and they blew me away - and the Buzzcocks off-stage. They played with a very simple lighting setup (red wash, blue wash or white wash) because during their set one of the lighting guys was re-patching the lights, as the hall's electricity supply would not support the full lighting rig, which was designed for use in much larger places.

The hall was used as a cafeteria during the day, and the soundtrack to me having my tea was Joy Division soundchecking. Their soundcheck was a waste of time, as they suffered from a poor sound balance during their live set ... This didn't stop JD blowing the Buzzcocks away though."

Very special thanks to Simon Calkin for allowing me to reprint his account of the Joy Division gig in Bangor and also for the superb ticket scan. Simon informs me that the ticket appears in the recent Joy Division film, albeit fleetingly.