Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack Bond on Jane Arden

Sources at the splendidly subversive Vice UK have informed me that they've just released an interview with film-maker Jack Bond. Might I be interested? Dead right. Bond was the lover and collaborator of Jane Arden - actress, playwright, film-maker, and possibly the coolest woman to ever come out of Pontypool. Arden took her own life in 1982. Bond explains why he withdrew their avant-garde films from circulation soon after her death. And why he allowed the BFI to reissue them again last year. He also gives us an insight into Dali in New York, their documentary on the great Surrealist artist. Arden's confrontations with Dali during the film are absolutely priceless. The dude who interviews Bond is from The Klaxons. Whoever they might be.

*The above YouTube is just a trailer - you can see the Jack Bond interview in full here.