Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Village Person in Newport

Victor Willis, lead singer, chief songwriter and the only straight member of legendary gay musical outfit, the Village People, is currently residing in Newport. To clarify - that's Newport, Gwent. Apparently his new wife, Karen, is from the area. The couple met in the States while Victor was in police custody on drugs and gun charges - no doubt trumped up by the local rozzers. He even appeared on America’s Most Wanted which is ironic because in the Village People he was the one dressed as a cop. Happily Willis managed to evade a prison term and on release in 2007 married Karen (a lawyer), before relocating to sunny Newport. This has to be good news for the Welsh music scene. Newport punk bands, alt.folkies from West Wales, Valleys noise merchants, north Walian electro noodlers and sensitive torch singers from Cardiff ought to be beating a path to his door to collaborate with the man who penned such classics as Y.M.C.A and In the Navy. If you want to find out more about Victor Willis visit Victor Willis World.