Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Hollywood Film Star Shoes

Nothing banishes the blues quite like purchasing a new pair of shoes – Carl Perkins understood this, as indeed did Imelda Marcos and those scary ladies in Sex and the City. In troubled times, especially, something chic on your feet can make you feel 10 ft tall. Take a look at this advert from 1939. With Europe on the brink of another catastrophic war it must have been reassuring to know that in uptown Cardiff you could still step out in the same style of footwear as your favourite Hollywood film star. That is, if you shared the same sized feet as them. Think I would have plumped for a pair of whatever Humphrey Bogart was rocking back then. Two-tone Balmorals with wingtips, most probably. Ladies - on the other, er, foot - could have presumably slipped their toes inside the finest Bette Davis and Joan Crawford-style slingbacks. Fabulous.