Thursday, September 27, 2012

Peter Morgan

Another virtually forgotten figure from Wales’s musical past is Peter Morgan. He grew up in Newland Street, Barry, and attended Barry Grammar School where he learned to play the double bass. After completing his education he became a boilermaker. At night, however, he performed as a bass player and vocalist in local pubs and clubs. In 1963 he quit his job and along with his missus (Jean – also from Barry) he moved to London. He was determined to pursue a career in the music industry and joined the resident band at the Mayfair Hotel. When their stint at that venue ended he and another member of the group, Colin James from Birkenhead, resolved to forge a career as a duo. Being keen students of logic they decided to call themselves The Morgan-James Duo. In no time at all they landed a deal with Phillips Records. Their music is on the interesting side of MOR with mostly mod-jazz-inflected interpretations of other people's songs. Before they split in 1969 they would cut 3 albums - At the Bar of Music (1964), Shhhh Talent Strikes Again (1966), and Two for the Road (1968). They also released several singles - Sweet Pussycat (1966) being the best-known. The duo regularly featured in the pages of the NME and were featured on such television programmes as The Kathy Kirby Show, The Millicent Martin Show and Thank Your Lucky Stars. They also toured in the USA. After they split in 1969 Morgan became a much sought after session musician and joined the Dudley Moore Trio. Apparently he worked on lots of hit records in the '70s and '80s (although I need enlightening as to what they were exactly) as well as doing much TV work. Here is some YouTubage: Put Your Tears Away (1966); You Can Bet I'm Laughing (1968); and Let's Ride (1968)