Saturday, February 23, 2013

Swansea Valley Picture Post

This tidy copy of Picture Post magazine from January 1, 1944, has on its front cover a steelworker at home with his family in the Swansea Valley. In fact the entire edition was devoted to the area. Features included: We Plan A Valley In South Wales, The Story Of Swansea Valley, Life in The Swansea Valley, What The Chapel Means, Education In The Valley, What It Means To Live In A Good House, What it Means To Live In A Not So Good House, These Pictures Stand For All The Hundreds We Had To Leave Out, The Valleys Health Service, The People Meet To Talk Over Their Own Ideas. It is replete with photographs of local people and ponders whether there is much of a future for their children. Note the rather heavy symbolism of the ‘prison bar’ railings on the front cover.