Friday, July 26, 2013

David Perry

Of late I have been engaging with the work of artist David Perry. Originally from Swansea Perry now resides in New York and works out of Julian Schnabel's Long Island studio at Montauk. Artist and film-maker Schnabel has been a long-time supporter of the Welsh artist. Another fan is Iggy Pop. Perry doesn't just have famous friends he incorporates mediated images of celebrities into many of his paintings. Christopher Walken, Lindsay Lohan, Gore Vidal, Charles Bukowski and Dylan Thomas are amongst the many celebs (alive and dead) who crop up in his work. The faces of his subjects may be discernible and familiar but his art isn't strictly speaking figurative. A strong abstract expressionist quality can be detected in his application of paint to canvas. He even works outdoors allowing climatic conditions to influence his artworks. He also makes telling use of words and symbols. Not sure how much a David Perry painting costs in the current art market but I daresay his canvasses are more affordable today than they will be in twenty years - so, if you are a collector, now might be a good time to make an investment. You can further investigate David Perry's fine art here.

*The above image is Chris Walken Bathing (2007). ©David Perry