Sunday, July 01, 2007

Charlotte Greig - Book Launch

Cardiff-based writer (and folk singer) Charlotte Greig will be launching her latest book A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy this Friday. Here's the blurb for the novel:

Susannah Jones' official boyfriend Jason is the perfect foil to her student lifestyle. He is ten years older and an antique dealer, so she doesn't have to live in the seedy digs her friends do. Then when she is on campus she can take philosophy very seriously and dabble in the social and sexual freedom of 1970s Sussex University. In fact, it was philosophy that led her to the sex: Rob, with whom she is having an affair, is her tutorial partner. Then she discovers things are even more complicated than she thought and, forced to look beyond her friends and lovers for support, finds help from Kierkegaard and other European philosophers. "The Women's Room" meets Friedrich Nietzsche in this bittersweet coming of age novel, in which love is far from platonic and the mind-body problem a pressing reality.

Is it a retrospective campus novel? Is it a female version of The History Man? Is it thinly disguised autobiography? Is it none of these things? Why not take the opportunity to grill the author yourself on Friday, July 6, at Kemi’s Cafe, Craft in the Bay, Cardiff - 6pm-9pm. (free)

In the meantime you can read an Independent on Sunday interview with Charlotte Greig in which she discusses the background to A Girl's Guide to Modern European Philosophy here.