Sunday, June 10, 2007

Strange Coincidence

Wales's leading porn star the lovely Isabel Ice dropped me an email the other day drawing my attention to an interesting coincidence.

Apparently Isabel went to the same South Wales Catholic school as Ionie Luvcoxxx (see blog entry for May 28th). Although Ionie is a couple of years senior to Isabel they did vaguely know each other at school.

Imagine then their mutual shock when, all these years later, they bumped into each other on the set of a porn film! Neither was aware of the other's career in the adult entertainment industry. After hurriedly catching up on old times they shot the film: I Only Love S***k (2005).

Heaven only knows what they'd make of all this at their Alma Mater. Their careers guidance officer would I'm sure have a coronary. Tickets for their next school reunion though are selling like hot cakes.