Thursday, October 11, 2007

Experimentica 07

Here at Babylon Wales we enjoy a bit of weirdness. What luck then that Chapter Arts, Cardiff, are set to host Experimentica 07, their annual festival of live and time-based art.

Cast out that image of Marcel Marsaud negotiating an invisible pane of glass that is currently creeping into your brain! We are talking proper hardcore performance art action here.

There's Mr and Mrs Clark ("Terry and June on crack") doing cabaret. Submotion are putting on an Erik Satie-style sonic event described as "furniture music for the digital age". I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Jeong Geum-Hyung from Korea dueting with a vacuum cleaner. And there are loads of other great events too.

This smorgasbord of outlandish artistic expression will take place over six days from October 16-21. Be there or be a cube.