Saturday, August 01, 2009

Plugged In Magazine

The latest edition of music magazine Plugged In is out now. Not only is it free but it is also comprehensively distributed throughout Wales (see website for your nearest stockist). This well turned-out Pontypridd-based journal is stuffed with features and reviews. In the current issue keep an eye out for a spread on the mighty Future of the Left; and an interview with Mayor, representing outstanding Welsh hip-hop label Associated Minds. You'll also find articles on the Manics; and Mike Peters, who is pictured standing on a mountain. Again. Is there a hilltop left in Wales upon which this man has not been photographed staring earnestly into the distance? I think not.

What's great about Plugged In is its upbeat, positive ethos and the fact that it is providing some kind of Wales-wide, music-lit, focus for local bands. Here are just a few of the up-and-comers given coverage in the latest issue: People in Planes, Futuretown, Cuba Cuba, Kadesha, Nothing New, Audiocalm, Supergene, Longknives, Bedford Falls, Mudjack, Weird Beard, Mr Duke & The Hoodlum Circus, The Low Lights, Last Partisan, The Dirty Youth, Jocanovic, Attack! Attack!, Save Your Breath, Frivolous Laura, Ice Cold in Alex, Henry's Funeral Shoe, I Am Hope, the Graveyard Johnnys, and more. Track a copy down.