Monday, July 20, 2009

Jason Evans

I was thumbing, recently, through a volume entitled How We Are: Photographing Britain (2007) and noted that it included work by Jason Evans from Holyhead. One of his pictures even made the front cover (see pic). The photos come from a shoot he did in 1991 for i-D magazine called Strictly. I can remember seeing those very pictures back in the day and marvelling at how striking they looked. They show young black men dressed like dandies against mundane suburban backdrops. At the time they challenged traditional notions of class and identity in modern Britain.

Since then Evans has continued to produce interesting and varied work including shooting bands like Franz Ferdinand and Radiohead. His photographs have been exhibited at Tate Britain, Tate Modern, the V&A, and in various locations in Europe and the US. It would be really good to see an exhibition of his work in Wales at some point. You can check out Jason's excellent website here.